CQC findings

Our latest CQC Report included the following comments:

CQC Report findings

  • One person told us, “Oh yes, they’re [staff] all very nice and helpful.” Another confirmed, “We have a laugh” referring to their relationship with the staff. One person described the staff as, “A lovely bunch.” Everyone we spoke with said they felt staff listened and were approachable to speak to. For example, one person said, “We talk about anything. I can tell them [staff] anything.” Another person felt staff were thoughtful towards them, “They [staff] make me nice and comfortable in my chair. They make sure I’m comfortable before they go.”


  • People said that staff treated them with respect, one saying, “It’s the general way they [staff] treat me, they

chat to me as we’re going along.” Another said, “I’m sure they respect me. It feels like it.” Staff promoted

people’s privacy and dignity when delivering care. One relative gave us an example of this, saying, “They

[staff] make sure the blinds are pulled down when they shower or wash [family member]. No one can get in. We make sure the door is closed.”


  • A relative explained how staff adapted their communication and constantly reassured their family member,

who had problems communicating verbally. They said staff always told them what they were going to do,

ensuring the person was comfortable and informed at all times.

The Previous CQC report had the following comments:

  • People spoke highly of the staff that supported them. One person told us, “I cannot fault any of them”. Others described the staff as “excellent” and “very good”
  • Another person said, “The carers are marvellous”
  • Staff had developed positive and caring relationships with the people they supported. One person who used the service told us, “[Staff member] is my life line”. Another said, “I don’t know what I’d do without them”
  • All the staff we spoke with said the management team and directors of the service were approachable and supportive. One said, “The office staff are easy to speak to, there’s always someone to listen”
  • One staff member told us they felt involved in the ongoing changes and thought there had been positive changes as a result.